The wire is made of Mn-Si alloy and coated with copper. It can be used for welding with either Co2 or a mixture of 80% Ar and 20% Co2 gases for shielding. The wire produces high-quality welds with good mechanical properties and x-ray quality. It is appropriate for gas metal arc welding of unalloyed steels, which are commonly used in various applications such as general construction, automotive components, pressure vessels, and shipbuilding



The outstanding qualities include the ability to weld excellently, easy starting, hassle-free wire feeding, a stable arc, minimal spatter, and low emissions of fumes. Additionally, the wire has excellent feedability and leaves no residue after being drawn, making it ultra-clean.



  • SD 300/BS 300: available in 11.34 kg/25 lb, 15 kg/30 lb, and 33 lb sizes, wound in layers on either plastic or metallic spools.
  • SD 200: available in 4.54 kg/10 lb size, wound in layers on plastic spools.
  • SD 100: available in 0.700 kg/0.910/2 lb size, wound in layers on plastic spools.
  • Available in drums weighing 100-250 kg (200-550 lb).




Unique Features :

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