ER NiCrMo-3



The nickel-chromium alloy STAVINOX MIG Inconel 625 (UNS N06625 /W.Nr.2.4856) is highly preferred for its exceptional malleability, better ability to be welded as compared to other highly alloyed nickel base wires, and its remarkable strength and toughness even at temperatures ranging from extremely low to high temperatures up to 2,000°F (1093°C).

It comes in a size range of 0.60mm to 1.60mm (0.025" to 0.062"), and is available in three different finishes, including Bright Finish, Matte Finish, and Semi Bright/Matte Finish.


  • SD 300/BS 300: Plastic or metallic spool wound in layers of 11.34 kgs/25 lbs, 15 kgs/30 lbs/33 lbs.
  • SD 200: Plastic spool wound in layers of 4.54 kgs/10 lbs.
  • SD 100: Plastic spool wound in layers of 0.700 kgs/0.910/2 lbs.
  • Mig Wire in Drum: Available in drums weighing 100-250 kgs (200-550 lbs).




The STAVINOX TIG 625 welding wire is a solid TlG wire that belongs to the S Ni 6625 / ER NiCrMo-3 type. It is designed to deposit Ni-22Cr9Mo3.5Nb weld metal and can be used with inert shielding gases. This wire is particularly suitable for welding highly corrosion-resistant Cr-Mo-Nickel base alloys like alloy 625, alloy 825, and other similar alloys.

It comes in a size range of 0.80 mm to 5.00 mm (0.030" to 0.196") and has a bright finish.


STAVINOX TIG 625 is packed in fiber or plastic tubes of 5kg/10lbs and can also be purchased in bulk.


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