Non-macinable- ESt- STAVINOX CAST NM -No

This product is a solution for non-machinable cast iron that does not contain nickel. It seals in contaminants that cause porosity before final welding with nickel. It is an excellent alloy for cast iron that is dirty or burned.

This product can uniquely weld cast iron that is greasy, rusty, or burned, which other electrodes cannot bond with. It has a "fast freeze" action that reduces weld defects and porosity. The color and coefficient of expansion of the product closely match cast iron, resulting in a professional finish. The product is also great for positional welding, and it does not require preheating.

This product can be used for repairing furnace gates, oil-saturated cast iron, foundry casting repairs, welding steel to cast iron, and underlaying/anchoring contaminated cast iron.

Unique Features :

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