This basic type electrode is specifically made for welding or facing Monel alloys 400, R 405, K 500 and Monel clad steels. It has outstanding mechanical properties and produces weld metal that is corrosion-resistant to sea water, salts and reducing acids. It is also appropriate for dissimilar-welding purposes involving Monel, nickel-copper alloys, carbon steel, low alloy steel, copper and copper-nickel alloys. It can be utilized within a temperature range of -196°C to +450°C and produces a weld deposit that resembles E NiCu7.



This product can fix and connect monel materials and solve problems. It creates welds that are free from holes and resistant to corrosion from seawater, salts, and certain acids. It can be used for welding in any position and can withstand temperatures ranging from -196°C to +450°C.

Unique Features :

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