STAVINOX MIG 410NiMo is an solid MAG welding wire supplied precision layer wound depositing a C-12Cr4Ni0.5Mo weld metal suitable for use with Ar-Co2 mix shielding gases. It is used for the welding of high strength martensitic steels, with excellent resistance to corrosion , hydrocavitation & sulphide induced stress corrosion cracking , Good subzero notch toughness properties .

SIZE RANGE : 0.60 mm to 1.60 mm (0.025” to 0.062”)

FINISH : Bright Finish, Matte Finish, Semi Bright/Matte Finish


STAVINOX TIG 410NiMo is a TIG rod suitable for welding AISI 410 NiMo. These are self- hardening steels and usually require pre-heating and stress relieving treatments in order to obtain adequate joint ductility. STAVINOX TIG 410NiMo is used primarily to weld cast and wrought material of similar chemical.

SIZE RANGE : 0.80 mm To 5.00 mm (0.030” To 0.196”)

FINISH : Bright Finish


Product Name AWS/SFA Yield Strength N/mm2 Tensile Strength N/mm2  Elongation A5(%) Impact Energy ISO-V(J) 20° C Welding Conditions
STAVINOX MIG 410NiMo ER 410NiMo ≥500 ≥760 ≥15% ≥ 50 DC (+)
STAVINOX TIG 410NiMo ER 410NiMo ≥550 ≥760 ≥20 ≥ 47 DC (-)



SD 300 / BS 300  11.34 Kgs/ 25 Lbs, 15 Kgs/ 30 Lbs/ 33lbs Layer Wound Plastic/ Metallic Spool.
SD 200  4.54 Kgs/ 10 Lbs Layer Wound Plastic Spool.
SD 100 0.700 Kgs/0.910 /2 lbs Layer Wound Plastic Spool.
Mig Wire in Drum In Drums of 100-250 Kgs (200-550 Lbs)


STAVINOX TIG 410NiMo - TYPE OF PACKING : In Fiber/ Plastic Tubes of 5kg/ 10lbs, Also available in Bulk.

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