This is a multi-purpose cleaning product that is safe to use with plastic and has a high ability to resist electric currents. It can act as a cleaner, lubricant, moisture repellent, penetrant, and corrosion inhibitor, capable of loosening dirt, scale, and rust. It is also useful for freeing up stuck assemblies, cleaning up grease and grime, and preventing electrical issues that can be caused by moisture, condensation, or corrosion.



(a) Mechanical:

Suitable for use on threaded assemblies, tools, molds, dies, precision machined components, and electrical systems.

(b) Electrical:

Ideal for cleaning motors, generators, electromechanical equipment, communication systems, relays, contactors, switches, coils, fuses, switch gears, circuit breakers, and ultra-sensitive sensors.



  • Forms a protective barrier against rust and corrosion by filling microscopic surface irregularities and shielding against moisture damage.
  • Effectively cleans, lubricates, penetrates, and displaces moisture while preventing corrosion.
  • Boasts superior capillary action, enabling it to penetrate deep into surfaces and dissolve adhesives.
  • Has a dielectric strength of 47KV, which instantly improves electrical properties and facilitates equipment operation.
  • Has a fast-acting formula that deeply cleans and loosens dirt, scale, rust, and other contaminants, allowing for the easy opening of stuck assemblies and the removal of grease and grime.
  • Comes in a 360° spray for easy and convenient use.

Unique Features :

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