STAVINOX 2209-15

The electrode known as Basic Coated 22-9-3-N is used for welding joints in duplex steels that are resistant to corrosion. It has great resistance against intergranular corrosion, pitting, and stress corrosion conditions. The electrode has a low amount of carbon, making it highly weldable, with an arc that doesn't produce spatter and results in a very smooth bead appearance. The deposited weld metal is highly ductile.


Regular Packing : Internal Packaging in 2 & 5Kg Vacuum-sealed Packs & External Packaging in 10 & 20Kg Sizes

Special Packing : Customized Packaging in 2Kg/5Kg Plastic Tubes.



When packaged in a plastic tube, the weight of the outer packaging will be equivalent to that of the vacuum-sealed and regular packaging.

For pound packaging, the weights are as follows: 2kg is 5lbs, 5kg is 10lbs, 10kg is 20lbs, and 20kg is 40lbs.

For example, 2kg is equivalent to 10kg when converted to pounds, while 5kg is equivalent to 20kg when converted to pounds.

Unique Features :

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