This electrode offers superior weldability and is specifically designed for pipe welding. It produces self-peeling slag and passes impact tests at temperatures as low as -196°C.


The main selling points of this product include its ability to lift slag on its own, ease of striking and re-striking, seven-layer packing using VAC technology, weld deposits that are free of spatter and smooth, compatibility with both AC and DC power sources, excellent performance for thin sheet welding with a 2.5mm diameter, no tendency to turn red-hot, and perfect welding along the entire length. This product also uses a contact type with low heat input, resulting in joints with a long life, minimized dilution, and minimized heat-affected zones.


Regular Packing : Internal Packaging in 2 & 5Kg Vacuum-sealed Packs & External Packaging in 10 & 20Kg Sizes

Special Packing : Customized Packaging in 2Kg/5Kg Plastic Tubes.



When packaged in a plastic tube, the weight of the outer packaging will be equivalent to that of the vacuum-sealed and regular packaging.

For pound packaging, the weights are as follows: 2kg is 5lbs, 5kg is 10lbs, 10kg is 20lbs, and 20kg is 40lbs.

For example, 2kg is equivalent to 10kg when converted to pounds, while 5kg is equivalent to 20kg when converted to pounds.

Unique Features :

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